• 1. What is My Cloud Inventory?

    My Cloud Inventory is a discentralized cloud warehouse and inventory system that sync your product information such as photos, title, quantity, item descriptions and pricing with your online market place channels such as eBay and Amazon

  • 2. What is the main functions of My Cloud Inventory?

    My Cloud Inventory allows you:

    • Import/download your listings from eBay and Amazon account(s).
    • Merge and categorize different listings from different accounts on different marketplace to the same product.
    • Update and synchronize the product quantity accross different marketplaces.
    • Create / add new products directly in web2ship and list it to your ebay and amazon account.
  • 3. Other benefits of using My Cloud Inventory?

    By using our system you can also:

    • Share your item to all our web2ship users. You can now turn 1500 of web2ship users to be your distributor. They can list your item to their ebay/amazon store with the selling price you set for them. Once the item sold, you will be able to ship out for them.
    • Sell your item through our web2ship ebay/amazon account.
  • 4. How do I sync with eBay and Amazon?

    Please make sure you had linked your web2ship account to the eBay and or Amazon accounts using the "link accounts" page on the right (Control Panel).

  • 5. How do My Cloud Inventory work with Ship Now?

    When you create a new shipment in ship now, you can now choose the item from the My Cloud Inventory. Your item description, price, weight and dimension will be automatically generated. Once the shipment generated, the quantity in your inventory will be updated and shipment tracking number will be saved to your inventory and later on updated to all your link accounts.

  • 6. How do you come out with the estimated shipping fee?

    The estimated shipping fee will be base on the user's shipping rate, weight and or dimension weight of the item, destination zone countries average shipping fees, service choosen and foreign exchange on web2ship. This shipping fee however will not be very accurate due to, different in country zoning between ebay and web2ship (we only take average) and remote area surcharge. The shipping fee will be updated as the time the listing uploaded and will not automatically update.

  • 7. What is SKU and UPC?

    SKU is Stock Keeping Unit, a unique alpha numeric code that created by seller (you) for a particular product.

    UPC is Universal Product Code, a unique alpha numeric code that created by manufacturer for a particular product.

    to Sell on Amazon, you are required to provide at lease a UPC, EAN or ISBN (Books) which normally you can get at the back of the packaging in the form of barcode.

  • 8. How it works with Web2ship Fulfillment?

    1. Create your inventory in the My Cloud Inventory

    2. You can choose to manually create your item by filling in the item's title and description. Make sure you remember to key in your SKU and UPC (SKU is needed when you ship your item and UPC is needed for generate barcode. You can choose to create your own UPS (11 digits) or buy from the link.

    3. You can also choose to sync your item from eBay

    4. Make sure you edit your item to provide accurate weight and size with the packaging and provide the SKU and UPC to generate the barcode

    5. Please tick the items and click to print the barcode.

    6. After you have properly label all your SKUs with the label from the system, You can email to support@web2ship.com with the total amount of the SKUs and quantity. and request us to pickup from you

    7. Once we received your inventory, we will update it in your account.

    8. Once you have shipment that you need to send out, just create the shipment using the ship now form and key in the SKU and quantity and we will help you to do the rest. The tracking number will be automatically sync to your marketplace