• 1. How to use Pos Malaysia Small Packet consignment note
    1. Kindly print 3 copies of the AWB and invoice.Insert item(s) and shipment invoice into the flyer/parcel.
    2. Seal the flyer/parcel with adhesive tape. Please make sure only Pos Malaysia barcode is on the parcel.
    3. Please ensure the AWB is securely taped on the flyer/parcel.
    4. Should you have more than one shipments, please ensure all AWB are taped on the flyers/parcels accordingly.
    5. Once AWB has been secured on the flyers/parcels, insert all of them into a big bag and seal it up.
      Due to POS Malaysia Small Packet shipments are picked up by Aramex, kindly go to > Pickup History > Select the shipment’s pickup ID > Click Consignment Note > Print 3 copies. It is a MUST to print Aramex Pick up consignment note/label
    6. Please tape one of the Aramex consignment note on the big bag. Please ensure the barcode is visible for scanning.
    7. Refer to the above image, this is how the Aramex consignment note (=pickup label) should be taped.
    8. Kindly sort and prepare the other 2 copies of invoices and Aramex consignment note for pick up.
    9. Upon pick up arrival, hand over the big bag of parcels, Aramex consignment note (AWB) and shipment invoice. Ensure pick up personnel signed and hand one copy of Aramex consignment note and invoice back to you. The other copy for pick up personnel’s reference.