• 1. What are the different between Mail, Parcel, EMS (Express Mail) and Courier Service?
    Max Weight (kg) Size Limitation Average delivery time Custom sensitive Duty Tax Subject to remote area or non-serviceable area? Return Charges? Track and Trace support window Tracking Details Max Liability
    Mail and Small Packet 2 Not more than 60cm or all side added not more than 90cm 2 - 3 weeks No Pay By receiver No No Windows for undelivered enquiry open after 18 working days after post. up to max 6 tracking points and subject to availability by destination postal company. SGD 68 or declared value whichever lower
    Parcel 10 or 20 or 30 Not more than 120cm 3 - 4 weeks No
    Express Mail Service (EMS) 10 or 20 or30   1 - 3 weeks Disposed
    Courier (International) N/A Not more than 2M 3 - 4 days Yes Pay By Sender if refused by receiver. Yes Yes Immediately Detailed real time tracking. USD100 or declared value whichever lower
  • 2. What is Export, Import and Domestic?

    Export (outbound) mean item ship from Origin Country (Malaysia, Thailand or China) to any other country.

    Import* (Inbound) mean item ship from other country (Other than Malaysia or China) to Malaysia or China.

    Domestic* mean item ship within the same Origin Country.

    * Service not available.

  • 3. What is an Air WayBill (AWB) or shipping label?

    Air WayBill or short form AWB is a shipping label in courier service that has tracking number with a barcode on it.

    For postal service such as mail and parcel, we normally use the term of shipping label.

    THREE copies of AWB is required for the shipment. One will be used as sender copy (signed by courier when they pickup up), One for the custom (If needed) and the remaining one will be attached on the parcel itself. The AWB and the commercial invoice will be put into the courier pouch (You can request it from the courier who come to pickup). You also advised to write down the tracking number onto the parcel itself just in case the the AWB tear off.

    For Postal service, you only need to paste ONE copy the shipping label onto the envelope / parcel itself.

  • 4. What is commercial invoice? If Im sending a Personal shipment, do I still need to include the invoice?

    Commercial Invoice (Running businesses) or Proforma Invoice (Individuals) is a COMPULSORY requirement for courier service (Export). Without the commercial or proforma invoice, your shipment will be hold by custom. You can either prepare the commercial invoice by yourself or print using the invoice function in web2ship.com.

    The invoice value must be same with the declared value in the shipment.

    For Postal service, invoice is not needed. But we encourage you to include it in the parcel for custom reference.