• 1. What is W Points?

    W Points is the promotional incentives given to web2ship user who top up with the fixed amount in web2ship.

    1 W Points = 1 Account Base Currency.

    W Point cannot be cash or withdraw.

    When making payment, we will deduct from balance first and only if insufficient, we will minus from W Points.

    If user refund or withdraw the balance, we I'll deduct the equivalent W Points.

  • 2. Why I dont get any W Points even the amount I top up is more than the Promotional amount?
    W Points is given to the user to encourage the user to top up more for their account. Exact payment amount is not considered as top up. 
  • 3. I had just make a payment, but it is not reflected in my account balance. What should I do?
    Please wait for a few minutes for the payment gateway to send the transaction confirmation to our server. If you have waited for a few minutes but still no response, It can be: 1. Transaction failed. Please try again with different payment methods. 2. Transaction success but for some reason failed to return the transaction details to our server. Kindly email us the payment method, transaction id, amount and time of transaction via Contact Us page. We will update it accordingly. 
  • 4. I had created the shipment and have sufficient amount in My balance, why my shipment is still awaiting payment?
    Once you create the shipments, you will need to click on the "pay" button in the Checkout Page.
  • 5. What is the top up fee?
    We will charge you a top up fee base on the payment method you had chosed unless you make the payment with the pre-fix amount that we offer. Please note that the top up amount is not applicable to the GST Charges but the top up fee will be subject to GST/VAT of the country.