• 1. Do I need to be an online seller in order to use your service?
    No. Although web2ship service is designed for online sellers and merchant. But we welcome individual who want to send out ad-hoc on demand shipment as well. 
  • 2. Why do I need a printer to use your service?
    Because you will need to print out the shipping labels and/or commercial invoice and attached it to the shipment when the courier come to pickup. 
  • 3. Web2ship Process Flowchart

    Once you registered and verified as a Personal or Business Account,

    1. You can create a new shipment by either

      a. Key in your consignee and shipment details in the ship now form

      b. Import your order details from your marketplaces accounts

      c. Upload the shipment file (.CSV) from your computer. (In progress)

    2. You can choose the best shipping service listed to you with shipping rates and estimated delivery time.
    3. Once you finish create all the shipment(s) you need to send, proceed to checkout.
    4. If your account have no balance in it, you can top up your account with any of the payment methods provided.
    5. Once your account have sufficient balance, click pay to authorized us to deduct from your account.
    6. You can now schedule the pickup for the shipment you created.
    7. Some of your shipping label will be automatically available but some will required our operator to process it.
    8. You will receive email notifications once it is ready.
    9. Please print out the shipping labels and invoices.
    10. You may also need to print out the consignment note for pickup (If needed)
    11. Wait for the courier to come and pickup from your pickup location.
    12. We will manifest the shipment weight again once it reach the logistic hub and adjust the shipping weight/rate discrepancies to your account (Debit or Credit).
    13. You can track the shipment using the tracking number provided. Please note that some tracking will take days if not weeks to get updated depend on the service chose.
    If you need any support, track and trace or report lost shipment, please add a message to your shipment details.