• 1. How do I arrange a pickup or drop off?
    Once you created new shipment(s), you can click on the "checkout" button on the Control Panel (right). To avoid that the shipping label is not ready when the courier come to pickup, you can only schedule for pickup or drop off when the shipping label is being printed. If you choose to drop off the shipment to our drop off location, please arrange the drop off on the website as well so that we will have a proper record of the arrangement. 
  • 2. What is the pickup cut off time?
    Please note that every service might have different cut off time. If you schedule the pickup after the cut off time, you will not be able to choose the same day for pickup/drop off. Please refer to the specific shipping service help section for details cut off time. 
  • 3. What is the consignment note, pickup reference and pickup tracking number?

    Pickup consignment note is a shipping label for the shipment to be pickup from your house and send to our processing hub. Some service will required you to print out the consignment note (from third party) so that the courier who come to pickup from your location will know where to send the shipment to (mostly is our office)

    Some service (especially courier service) however do not require you to print out any consignment note. A pickup reference will be sufficient.

    Pickup tracking is normally referring to the tracking number of consignment note. It allow us to track where the shipment goes once it was pickup.

  • 4. What if the courier had arrive to pickup but the shipping label is not ready?
    Please DO NOT pass the shipment to the courier or use any other AWB provided by the courier. We will hold the shipment with the AWB not generated from our shipment and it will cause delay. Furthermore, we will not responsible if you shipment been lost or damage due to you are using unauthorized shipping label and we reserve the rights to bill you the differents should you opted a different service on the unauthorized shipping label.

    If shipment or label is not yet ready by the time the courier turn up. Please ask the courier to come back again and notify us to re-arrange the pickup.
  • 5. Can I request the courier come to pickup within a certain time frame?
    Due to most of the courier will have their own routine. They normally do not come directly from the station to your location to pickup the shipment, therefore we are not able to specify any time frame to perform the pickup.

    For mail and parcel service, the courier will come to pickup any time from 11am to 6pm due to they are specifically performing pickup.

    For courier service, they will normally deliver their parcel in the morning and collect the pickup on the afternoon from (2pm to 6pm)
  • 6. Can I ask the courier to call me before pickup?
    Courier will need to do 30-100 pickups a day, therefore most of the courier will ignore the request to call before pickup. We are not able to assure that the courier will call you before pickup. 
  • 7. Why do I need to schedule the pickup or drop off on the website?
    We encourage all our users to schedule the pickup or drop off so just in case your shipment is lost (a few weeks later), we can trace back to the pickup history. 
  • 8. If I missed the pickup, how do I request a new pickup?
    You can request a new pickup in the "pickup history".