• 1. I just send a shipment why there is no any update on the tracking?
    When you just create a shipment in web2ship, your tracking status will be "Information received". and the status will get update almost immediately once it is pickup. This however is only for courier service,

    For mail and parcel service. The status of information received will be remain after it pickup and get update only when it reach the postal hub (can be a few days). The tracking for postal and parcel service is NOT universal as it is depend on the destination countries. In general, you will get 4-6 tracking points when you ship to USA/UK/Europe and Australia. However if you send to 3rd world country, it may not get any update online as the destination post office do not updated it.
  • 2. When is the suitable time to report a lost or missing shipment?
    For mail and parcel service, we can only raise an enquiry to track and trace with the respective postal company after 18 working days from the pickup date.

    For courier service, you can raise the enquiry immediately if the tracking show no result
  • 3. What is the response time once I report the lost or missing shipment?

    For postal service such as mail and parcel service, we will contact the destination post office and check the shipment status. It can take about 45 days to 6 months to conclude the shipment lost. The destination post office will need to ensure the shipment is not delay in customs office or returned to the origin country (rejected by custom) which may not have any visibility in the tracking system.

    For courier service, a search will conduct in the last checkpoint in the tracking system within 24 to 72 hours. It normally will take about 3-5 working days to conclude the shipment status

  • 4. I suspect my shipment was lost or damage, what should I do?
    If you suspect the shipment is lost/damage or your consignee reported the shipment was damaged. You can:
    1. Please advise your consignee to keep all the evidence such as the packaging / outer envelope. Take photos of the outer packaging.
    2. Ask your consignee to report the case to their local courier representative.
    3. Send all the photos to us by uploading it in the shipment details.
    4. Investigation will take weeks if not months to conclude, we strongly recommend you to send out replacement or proceed with refund.
  • 5. What are the basic tracking information for registered mail?

    Registered mail will have FOUR basic point of tracking:
    1. Information Received
    2. Arrive in Processing Hub
    3. Processing shipment in origin hub
    4. Dispatch to oversea.

    Some of destination country may have additional tracking information available online:

    1. Shipment delivered.

    Please note that some destination post office may not have any online tracking facilities and may require your consignee to contact the local post office (Tracking information is only available offline).