• 1. Web2ship Agent
  • 2. What is Web2ship Agent?
    Web2ship agent is an authorize reseller of web2ship.com. You can become a web2ship agent and offer your shipping and collection service to your walk in customers and neighbors. You can also be a drop off point for web2ship user to drop off your parcel and we will pay you for a convenience fees.
  • 3. How it works?

    By becoming a web2ship agent, you can offer the following services to your walk in customer or neighbors.

    1. Any available shipping services from web2ship both domestics and international. 
      1. You will need to offer the service with Publish Rate. 
      2. You can collect cash from customer and pay to us via web2ship top up.
      3. You can charge fees for other service such as wrapping service, printing of commercial invoice and etc...
    2. Drop off service. While staying at home or shop, you can help others web2ship user to manage their pickup at your location. 
      1. Web2ship will be paying you RM1 per parcel for shipment drop off from other web2ship user booked via our system.
    3. Collection service. Help other buyer who might not convenience to receive their parcel.
      1. Web2ship will be paying you RM1 per parcel for shipment sent from other web2ship user.

  • 4. What are the requirement to become a web2ship agent?

    Here are the requirements:

    1. Must be a registered/active web2ship account.
    2. Must have a laser printer (only black toner needed) and sufficient papers.
    3. The device connected with printer must be stay online and have wifi at your premise.
    4. Premise open to public/neighbors at lease on Monday to Friday, 9am to 6pm (except for public holidays)
    5. You must make sure your web2ship account have at lease RM5K as balance as a security deposit.
    6. You will required to have weighting scale up to 20kg and ruler for measurement of parcel's dimension.

  • 5. What are the benefits of become Web2ship Agent?

    Here are the benefits of becoming web2ship agent:

    1. Lucrative shipping fees. By becoming web2ship agents, you will get the web2ship business rate and you can offer it to the public by selling Publish Rate. More than 30% return for some international shipment. You can also offer shipping service to your existing customer and earn extra income.
    2. Official partner with Web2ship will get to access to all shipping services available in web2ship.
    3. We will list your premise location in Web2ship front page (with google map) and in the drop off list to drive customer traffic to your store/shop and it is potential to buy other stuff from your store.
    4. Dedicated customer service for Web2ship Agent with Hotline.
    5. Make money staying at home while helping your neighbor to receive and send their parcel
    6. We will help your store with marketing materials and sign.

  • 6. How do I start?
    1. Register a web2ship user account. (If you have not registered it yet, please register here)
    2. Top Up a minimum RM5K into your account. (This will be a security deposit and cannot be use to offset shipping fee).
    3. Download the agreement form from here.
    4. Stamp with Company Chop (If you are company), Sign, Scan and email to agents@web2ship.com
    5. We will process your application and let you know within 2 working days and you can start sending parcel.
    6. Your premise address will be shown in web2ship within 30 days.
  • 7. Payout Period
    Web2ship will issue the payout or credit for the agent by every end of the month. Minimum payout will be RM200. No minimum if credit to web2ship account.
  • 8. How much will I make?

    Say you operate a printing shop or stationary...

    On typical day

    1. You have 10 walk in customers who send about 10 parcels within Malaysia with an average 1kg. = Selling Price RM9.81 - Cost RM6. = RM3.81 x 100 parcels = RM381

    2. 2 Shipments to oversea (US and Australia) with average 0.5kg. roughly will make RM100.

    3. 20 drop off shipments = RM20

    4. 50 collection shipments = RM50

    5. 20 Customers who walk in and buy other stuff, assuming profit RM5 each = RM100

    Total = RM651 / day

    which is about RM14322 (If you operate only 22 days a month)

  • 9. Who should be apply?
    1. Stay at home mom/dad, retirees, freelance
    2. Retail store owner
    3. Stationary store owner
    4. Print shop owner
    5. Virtual/Service office owner
    6. Cafe
  • 10. Questions?
    please email to agents@web2ship.com
  • 11. Hurry! Sign up now to secure your application.
    Due to the geographical location restriction, we will only accept a few applications in a neighbourhood or area. We reserve our rights to refuse any application if there are already many applications from the same postcode. Sign up now to avoid disappointment.
  • 12. Refund of Security Deposit and or Balance of Account.

    The security deposit need to be top up before Application. We need to make sure only serious application only.

    If the application is rejected, we will refund the security deposit within 1 business day via the payment gateway.(Credit Cards/PayPal).

    For refund during termination/withdraw from the program, we will hold the security deposit and account balance up to 45 days from the date of termination of account. This is to ensure all in transit shipment (especially international shipment) is already been delivered and confirmed no extra cost.

  • 13. Shipping Rates and Other Fees

    1. Agent rate will be same as Business Rate in web2ship.com

    2. Your selling price will be same as Publish Rate in web2ship.com. 

    3. Parcel drop off by other web2ship user* (must booked via web2ship) will be RM1 per parcel regardless of size.

    4. Parcel send to the web2ship agent address (for others to come and collect from agent) will be RM1 per parcel regardless of size.

    5. Subject to all other fees such as Remote Area surcharge, Extended Area surcharge and etc.

    6. Agents must responsible to print out AWB with no extra charges.

    Other Services / Fees that are chargeable to the customer by Agent:

    1. Printing of commercial invoices or other supporting documents.

    2. Packaging fees and wrapping service.

  • 14. Working Scenario
    1. Customer walk in to your store or ring the door bell after saw the web2ship agent sign.
    2. You will check the parcel's weight and dimension.
    3. Provide a quick quote to the customer base on the Publish Rate from web2ship.
    4. Once customer agreed, please check with the customer description of content and if send to oversea, make sure the item is OK to send. You can call our customer service for clarification.
    5. Key in the shipment details, make payment and print the AWB.
    6. For oversea shipment, commercial/proforma invoice is needed. If customer do not have, you can choose to print for them for a small fee (Example RM1)
    7. Collect cash payment from customer and arrange for pickup.

    For Web2ship Drop Off user:

    1. The user will print AWB and schedule their drop off to your location. They will print a Drop off consignment note.
    2. We will notify you by email.
    3. The user will pass you the drop off consignment note and the parcel, please make sure it is correct number of shipment.s
    4. We will pay you according to the drop off parcel by end of the month.