• 1. What is Collectco ?

    Collectco is a network of collection centres that offer parcel delivery and collection services.

    We have launched with 200 collection centres in Klang Valley and Johor, in your neighbourhood!

  • 2. Why Collectco ?
    You may drop-off your parcels at Collectco’s collection centres when you are not available to wait for any Courier Service to pick-up the parcels from your door step.
  • 3. How to use Collectco service in Web2ship ?

    You may create your shipment with Web2ship as usual,

    1.Once you have created the shipment, kindly proceed to make payment.

    2.Before you proceed for Collectco’s Drop Off, kindly print out the selected Courier Service’s AWB (Consignment Note) before drop-off the parcels at Collectco’s collection centres. You may click on “My Shipment” at the right side of the Control Panel to look for the shipment you just made.

    3.In the Shipment List, please look for the shipment you created for Collectco’s Drop Off service, because you will need to print out the selected Courier Service’s AWB before proceed for drop off.

    4.You may click on “print shipment label” button to print the selected Courier Service’s AWB.

    5.After you have printed the selected Courier Service’s AWB (Consignment Note), please make sure you are in the Shipment List page as shown below, and kindly select the shipment that you have created for the Collectco drop-off service, then click on the “pickup" button.

    6.You will be redirected to the following page :

    7.Please click on “Drop Off Collectco” tab, and select the collection centre near you, or your preferred.

    8.Once you have selected the collection centre, you will need to schedule the date for Collectco to pick up your parcel at the appointed collection centre.

    9.After schedule the date, please make sure you have “checked” to agree to print the AWB generated from our website, then click on the “Confirm Drop Off” button.

    10.For the Collectco Drop Off service, you will need to print the Collectco label before you drop your parcel at the selected collection centre. Kindly click on the “Pickup History” to print the Collectco label.

    11.To print the Collectco’s label, please click on the “Consignment note” button to print the label.

    13.Here is the example of Collectco label :

    12.You will be seeing your email and contact number under “Sender Information”.

    The Recipient will be Web2ship, because we will assist you to send your parcels to the Courier Service that you have appointed earlier when you created the shipment.

    13.Please stick this Collectco label, and the selected Courier Service’s AWB on your parcels which you already set in our system to Drop Off at Collectco’s collection centre.

    14.Once you have done all the steps listed above, your parcels are ready to drop off at your selected or preferred Collectco collect centre.

    15.To track your parcels based on the Collectco’s Tracking number, you may go to: http://collectco.my/, and click on “Trace Your Parcel".

    16.You may fill in the Collectco’s Tracking number at the column below, and click “Submit” to trace your parcels:

    17.Not sure where to look for the Collectco’s Tracking number for your parcel ? Please refer to this number on the label you have printed out:

    20.When you fill in the Collectco's Tracking number, please make sure there is no space in between the number. After you clicked on the "Submit" button, you will see the result in the same page, for example: