• 1. What is Web2ship Fulfillment?
    Web2ship Fulfillment is a warehousing, pick and pack, and shipping service provided by web2ship. All you need to do is to create your inventory in "My Cloud Inventory", print out and label your items and send it to us. We will help you to take care the rest once you have any shipment to send out. 
  • 2. Why using Web2ship Fulfillment?
    1. You do not need to request and wait for pickup anymore as all logistic operation will be take care by us.
    2. Faster update of tracking status and shorter transit time.
    3. We will help you to do the packing and printing with optimize packaging with small fees. (RM2 per shipment)
    4. This service will be available to all warehouses in PJ (Malaysia), Guangzhou (China) and Oregon (US, Coming soon). So you can use local delivery in these countries for faster, cheaper and without custom issue for your customer.
  • 3. What is the charges?
    We will charge a RM2 per shipment for (General packing) and document printing. We do not charge any monthly fees for now for VIP500 and VIP2000, however fees will be subject to changes. 
  • 4. Are there any requirements to use this service?


    1. You must be VIP500 or VIP2000. If you are not yet VIP500 or VIP2000, please subscribe to it first.
    2. No High value or Dangerous goods or Expiry (perishable or food) item
    3. Due to space constraint, No large / Heavy item at the moment.
    4. Since we do not charge any storage fees. We expect the item to be sending out frequently. If the item had being keep in our warehouse for more than 180 days, we reserves the rights to return it to you with the return shipping fees.

    Please contact us before sending in the item

  • 5. Use case scenario
    • You are a Malaysian Seller and selling locally but you will like to free yourself from all the pick and pack and waiting for the pickup to come.
    • You are a Malaysian Seller and selling to eBay US, you can actually ship it to our US warehouse and declare the item location in US. Once your item sold, we can help you to ship from US.
    • You are a Singaporean Seller and Selling to Malaysia buyer, you can actually ship to our PJ warehouse and we will help you to fulfill the orders locally.
    • You are Malaysian Seller and you buy a lot of item from China, you can order the item send to our Guangzhou warehouse and we help you to consolidate and ship back to Malaysia
  • 6. What if I dont like to continue to use the service in the future?
    No string attached. No long term contract. You can always request your item/inventory to be return back to you. We will charge you base on your web2ship's shipping rate.
  • 7. How it works?

    1. To make sure that we are able to identify your item accurately, first, create your inventory in the My Cloud Inventory

    2. You can choose to manually create your item by filling in the item's title and description. Make sure you remember to key in your SKU and UPC (SKU is needed when you ship your item and UPC is needed for generate barcode. You can choose to create your own UPC (11 digits) or buy from the link. UPC is a standard code mostly use in Amazon. 

    3. You can also choose to sync your item from eBay / Amazon / Shopify. You can learn more about My Cloud Inventory here.

    4. Make sure you edit your item to provide accurate weight and size with the packaging and provide the SKU and UPC to generate the barcode

    5. Please tick the items and click to print the barcode. You need to stick the label to each and everyone of your item correctly.

    6. After you have properly label all your SKUs with the label from the system, You can email to support@web2ship.com with the total amount of the SKUs and quantity. and request us to pickup from you. If you need special packaging for your item as well as brochures and leaflets, please send it all to us at once.

    7. Once we received your inventory, we will update the quantity and location in your account.

    8. Once you have shipment that you need to send out, just create the shipment using the ship now form and key in the SKU and quantity and proceed to make payment as usual (just that you do not need to arrange pickup, print or pack anymore). we will help you to do the rest. The tracking number will be automatically sync to your marketplace