• 1.
  • 2. What is Wcard?
    Wcard is an eCommerce Business Corporate Debit Card offered by Web2ship Inc to Online businesses with no personal collateral
  • 3. Wcard's Features:
    1. Come with a US Shipping address in Oregon (US). So you can use to buy anything that only ship within US or subscribe to any online services that only for US and it is Tax free.
    2. USD Balance
    3. Virtual Debit card that you can issue to your staffs for company expenses without personal guarantee.
    4. You can issue multiple cards to your staff instantly with no credit check
    5. You can use it for online services such as netflix, google, paypal and so on.
    6. No more manual claim for HR and staff. 
    7. Support 3D Secure purchase via mobile phone SMS (with phone number from any country in the world) or email verification.
    8. You can manage the cards online by freeze or unfreeze the cards, set spending limit and set spending categories.
  • 4. How much will it cost?
    It is USD5 per card (Virtual Card) and Top Up fees applies (depend on the top up method). There is no interest, late fee, monthly fee or annual fee.
  • 5. How it works?
    You can apply it after logged in to your web2ship account. You can apply as many cards as you want with a USD5 per card and a minimum top up of USD5 per top up.
  • 6. Usage of the card?
    Wcard is intended for Business / Corporate purchase and expenses including staff's meal, traveling, subscription services and etc
  • 7. What are the limitation?
    1. Maximum of USD2500 balance per account (Not per card)
    2. If top up using currency other than USD, there will be limit depend on the top up method base on the local law.
  • 8. What are the Perks?
    coming soon...