• 1.
  • 2. What is WPost?
    WPost is an authorized Web2ship offline retail store business that operate by you. We provide you with the turn key solution to start your own postal retail business.
  • 3. Why Now?
    Logistic is one of the business that experience spike during covid-19 due to demand on ecommerce is surge and supply (commercial flight is limited) is lower. Pos Malaysia even closing their postal service to oversea result in a spike in other postal/logistic service. Plus, it maybe a good time for you to get a shop and staff at a much cheaper rate now.
  • 4. Why WPost?
    • Low initial investment cost (Less than MYR100,000 with shop renovation, licensing and etc)
    • Low operation cost (Less than MY10K for shop rent + staff cost)
    • Low to no inventory cost (no need to stock up anything except some boxes/packaging)
    • Low entry staff requirement and minimum staffing (Easy to hire staff)

    Our Unique strengths:

    • Strong network nationwide
    • Online and offline system that helps you to manage all the courier and postal services
    • International Inbound and Outbound service to US and China
    • Lucrative margin

  • 5. Do I find my own store location?
    Yes but we will provide guidance with Big Data from our site and we will also take into consideration of other factors such as any other competitor around and or service availability of that location
  • 6. Do you provide exclusivity for licensee base on location?
    Yes. We will make sure there will be no other WPost within 5km radius from your store base on first comes first serve basis.
  • 7. What are the requirements to join WPost?
    • minimum 2 years contract with Web2ship (MYR20,000 licensing fee per year)
    • Setup counter (in shopping mall), half size or full size WPost in mutually agreed location
    • Abide to business hours and SOP set by web2ship
    • Train and manage dedicated staffs (min 2 persons)
    • Market and provide shipping solutions to the local market with the agreed Publish rate.
  • 8. Do I need to get the renovation, equipment and supply from you or your vendor?
    No. You can source your own contractor or supplier as long as the quality meet our standard of requirement.
  • 9. What do I get by joining WPost?
    1. We may help you to get extensive courier and postal network from time to time that you may not be able to get due to shipping volume.
    2. Online and offline system that help you to manage different courier services and customers.
    3. Branding and online marketing nationwide.
    4. Extensive business support and training from time to time.
  • 10. What is the sign up process?
  • 11. How do I sign up?

    Click here to book the slot for appointment with our Business Development