• 1. What is Terapeak?

    Terapeak analyzes over 4.2 billion transactions per year and over $80 Billion in online consumer spending worldwide. This summarization of data provides online merchants with the market intelligence needed to maximize their business, resulting in increased margins, revenue, customer loyalty and satisfaction.

    Terapeak helps online merchants to understand the current and competitive landscape of their market space by providing transparency into competitor behavior, pricing techniques and strategies, supply and demand, category and product trends, and customer purchase patterns.

    As the first authorized analytics provider of eBay market data, and the leading aggregator of e-commerce data for eBay, Amazon and Yahoo! Japan,Terapeak has evolved from a pioneer to the market leader in analytics and business intelligence for e-commerce platforms and merchants.'

  • 2. Is Terapeak service Free?
    You can try Terapeak free for 7-days. Simple pricing—no surprises.
    - MySales -
    - Personal -
    ($7.49/mo. billed annually)

    - Professional -
    ($14.99/mo. billed annually)

    Searchable data
    Terapeak HotList  30 days, eBay only  365 days, eBay + Amazon 

    MySales Dashboard

    Score my listings

    Find products to sell
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    Optimize my listings
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    Competitor research

    Marketplace research
  • 3. Is Web2ship's Terapeak widget Free? If yes, what information can I get?

    Web2ship's terapeak widget is always free. You can get the following information without login to terapeak account:
    1. Total item sold on eBay.com for last 30 days.
    2. Average sold item price on eBay.com for last 30 days.
    3. Title builder with keywords suggestions.
    4. Search similar listing on eBay.com

  • 4. What is the benefit of using your widget if I login to terapeak account?

    By login to your terapeak account in the widget you will be able to access some of the information right within web2ship.com:

    1. The listing price range on eBay.com for last 30 days.

    2. Links to your competitosr research on terapeak.


  • 5. What if the terapeak widget return no result?

    Due to your search keywords maybe extremely narrow, you can modify the search term in Check result tab for broader terms if there is no result returned.