• 1. New Terapeak Features

    We’ve added new tools to Terapeak that are integrated with the Alibaba.com wholesale marketplace. Now sellers can:

    • Find and source Terapeak Hotlist products on Alibaba.com

    • Use the “Source My Inventory” tool to search Alibaba.com
      from Terapeak using your own keywords

    • Seamlessly conduct in-depth research on the products you 
      find to make profitable sourcing decisions

      Users will see these new features available the next time 
      they log in to the current version of Terapeak.

  • 2. Alibaba.com and Terapeak

    Alibaba.com is the world's largest online business-to-business trading platform for small and mid-size business buyers. Its wholesale division is designed for buyers outside of China who want to source quality, products from vetted suppliers worldwide. It offers minimum orders as low as two items, buyer protection measures, and express delivery with full tracking. It currently hosts more than 3 million low-cost, high-margin products encompassing over 40 different industries.

    For these reasons, Alibaba.com is the ideal marketplace for online sellers working to source new inventory and build their businesses.

    By integrating Alibaba.com access into Terapeak, we've put Alibaba.com and its products directly in front of sellers as they work to identify, analyze, and seize new opportunities.

  • 3. What This Means for Terapeak Users

    Terapeak users now have a comprehensive, one-tool workflow for starting and running their online business. Upon logging into Terapeak, sellers can:

    • Find new products to sell by searching for opportunities on eBay, Amazon.com, and Alibaba.com

    • Forecast the sales performance, margins, and profits for discovered products

    • Study product pricing, supply, demand, and competition in detail

    • Make and store notes and annotations about products and forecasts

    • Source the winning products that they identify with a click, directly from Alibaba.com

    • See and improve their listings, traffic, and sales, in summary or in detail

    Search Alibaba.com using Terapeak, then seamlessly research its products in-depth, to source profitably and with confidence.

  • 4. How Web2ship user can make use of this?

    You can sign up now for your terapeak account here and start sourcing your product from alibaba.com with a smart research from terapeak. You can also make use of our shop and ship service to buy from alibaba and keep in our china office. You can then list it in your ebay, amazon and your website. Once the item sold, we will help you to ship out directly from china using our eParcel service.